Sunday, July 31, 2011

Road Trip Day 3: Thursday

I started the day with an early morning run up the mountain, some on trails, some not. I realize this is bad boy scout form, but the area I was in was remote enough that I think I made very little impact. The run itself was awesome, as I was able to crest the hill and get a great view. And then running down, especially when I got back on the trail, was a blast. All in all, a most tubular experience.

We tried to go on a hike afterwords, but Theo wasn't very interested, so we walked a ways, and then let him down to explore before heading back and piling in the car.

The drive this day was beautiful as we made our way into Oregon and Washington on some back road highways rather than on the main I84. We stopped off to snap some photos. Here's the panorama setting on our new camera:

We also stopped in Battle Hill Park and wondered which battle occurred in central Oregon. We settled on WWII. In the park we climbed the communal oven

and attempted another hike, but the trail ran out quickly, so we played in the flowers instead.

We debated for the rest of the ride whether to get all the way to Cait's sister's house (which was the main destination of the trip) or camp another night. We were in no rush, but we were having a hard time finding good camping as we had neglected to obtain a Washington map. The decision was made for us by the driver side window motor going out and the window not rolling up at all an hour outside of Seattle (more on the adventure of fixing the window later). And the weather was pretty chilly. So we drove into Seattle and after showers and a little chat, we went swiftly to sleep.

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