Friday, July 22, 2011

Future Plans: Summer 2011 Edition

Time for another update as to our future plans, since people ask a lot.

Cait, I think, still favors the idea of nursing school and becoming a midwife, or going to grad school in public health or some such thing. The job she is working at now (lactation consultant for WIC), which is great for building her resume and getting connections (and she loves it), so she might stay there for a while.

I am planning on graduating either in December or April. I have 11 or 12 credits left, but there are some classes I want to take and we have pell grants to pay for school till the end of the school year. I probably wont be able to finish my Comparative Literature degree, since I would have had to go to school full time+ this spring/summer to fit with their deadline and I went to zero school+/ So we'll see. I'm starting to study for the GRE (as in the last two days) and might take it in the fall. I think I will try library science school and then look at getting into the foreign service somewhere down the road. At least, that is what I tell people when they ask.

It's tough to say who will go back to school first when I finish. Cait is probably more anxious to get back but staying at home has made me anxious too. So, that will depend on a number of things, including the timing of future children (if any) and the possibility that I forsake school to pursue my dreams of becoming a professional novelist/runner. I don't know which of the those contingincies are more likely. On second thought, I probably do.

For now we know this: vacation for a week and half, starting now (not like most of the summer hasn't been a vacation), marathon at the end of the month. School starting in September. And Christmas in December (although we refuse to commit to a location of celebration just yet).

So there's the update you've all been dying for.


  1. what's your week and a half vacation going to be? hopefully exciting. and i have very similar hopes of the novelist sort. a little hard to realize. but i still intend to ...

  2. jon and i decided that you should both go back to school/work and we will both stay home and watch the children. we can combine families and you can be the working parents and we will be the stay at home parents. that way everybody wins!