Monday, July 11, 2011

Hobbler Half

I just finished the Hobbler Half marathon (although this post will take a few days to make it through the queue). It was a great race and I feel very satisfied. The course was fast, but challenging. It was down a canyon so the overall drop was significant, but there were also some rolling hills and spots of tough terrain (including rocky streets in town that were hard on the vibrams).

I did run the entire race in my five fingers. They felt great, although I feel like they transferred a lot of the work to my calves (something I've felt since I started wearing them). So my calves are pretty sore. Everything else feels great. I felt nice and relaxed until about mile 10, when I really had to start to push. I maintained a good sub 6:40 pace (my goal) for most of the race until that point and ended up with a 6:45 average. That gave me a PR in the Half of 1:28 and put me 28th overall and 3rd in my age group. Even though this is only my second half marathon (the other was Provo City in 1:39) and the course was quicker, I felt like there has been a lot of improvement in my running and now I am excited to tackle the Marathon on the 30th.

I didn't take any pictures, but I might add a link to some of the official photographer pictures when they come up.

Bonus Material:
Here are links to videos of my first ice bath. My legs were really sore after the race and this is supposed to really help. It was terrible. I warn you that I only have shorts on in the video and I am a very pale and skinny fellow in a lot of pain. If that sounds like fun viewing, feel free to watch.

Yesterday We:

Had a very relaxing Sunday. We got up just in time to make it church and struggled to keep the Guy quiet. He just gets so anxious to go to nursery, which he loves, that he refuses to sit still during sacrament meeting, except for with the iPad, which we try to limit. We came home, ate lunch, took naps, cleaned the house, and ate pasta for dinner. Cait went visiting teaching. My sister Charity came over and we had one of those Browning type chats. We all went to be rather early because we were up so late the night before. A very nice, relaxing Sunday.

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