Saturday, July 23, 2011

Road Trip 2011: Day 1 (Tue)

While Cait worked away the morning, I worked with Theodore (I worked, he watched shows) to get packed what hadn't been packed the night before and load up the car. It was a tight squeeze with clothes for a week and a half, boxes of Lauren's baby clothes we were returning, camping supplies and lots of food. But it all worked out. We even put Theodore *gasp* forward facing. It was a hard decision for Cait, but it would have been really tough to take care of him otherwise.

We made a not-so-quick trip to Target for some extra supplies and then made the drive up to Pocatello. The guy slept really well for the first part and then played and ate nice the rest of the way.

We stopped somewhere in Idaho to play in a random reservoir, mainly just to prove that we were impressively impulsive, but also for a fun break from driving. We were a little afraid to dive in the open water, but we did and it was refreshingly cool.

Playing in the Mud

Then we finished the drive to the house of my cousin Janice and her husband Ben. Theodore enjoyed chasing the chickens around with his cousin (or second cousin, whatever). We also enjoyed a delicious meal mainly from their very impressive garden, and talked into the night.

In the Sand

A moment of disagreement (Theo seems more determined)
Post-Dinner Groove

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  1. Cool, I love Janice's house. I lived there last winter in a TIPI!!!