Friday, July 8, 2011

Zoo Trip

This was totally Cait's thing, but I figured I'd get the pictures up and let her do some commentary if she wants (though she had expressed a distaste for blogging lately, so you might be kept in suspense). However, with a little guy as expressive as this, do you need commentary?

Yesterday We:

In a new feature that I hope to keep going consistently, I'll recap yesterdays (Thursday's) activities briefly. In the morning we took a family run to the library, books for the guy, Runner's World for me, and mothering books for Cait. Cait put the guy to sleep before going to work. I blogged, studied Arabic and listened to a bunch of Eye of the World while doing some stretches and exercises. In the afternoon, we cleaned the house, hung out with Casey Lee, who was working on his homemade climbing harness. Cait came home and we had a delicious Shepherd's Pie that had been previously prepared and frozen and a lovely summer salad with fresh strawberries. It took forever to get the guy to sleep and then I went out for a sunset run. One of my favorite parts of the day was when some kids approached Casey selling coupons for auto work. The one kid said to him "Nice to meet you." And in Casey's very non-nonchalant way, he replied "Oh, we haven't met."  Cracked me up.

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