Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Going under the knife

Currently, I am filling out a slew of paperwork for pre-registration at UVRMC (I had to pick a password for the website and this is what it told me: "Your password may not contain a word that is found in the dictionary" -- uhhhh, seriously?) Oh, and yep, that's right, we are officially set with the surgery, on Thursday. Tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, myrignotomy. That's tonsils out, adenoids out, ear tubes in. While I'm not looking forward to having my little baby go under again, it'll be nice that the poor child will finally get some relief. Last week, we took him into the ENT again, who took one look at his ears, and said "yup, schedule the surgery, asap." They were so full of fluid and infected the ear drum was bulging. Not a fun site. The doctor said if my ears looked like that I'd be curled in a ball writhing in pain. I had no idea Theodore even had an ear infection, as he had just finished a round of antibiotics a week before and was not acting terribly out of the ordinary. Who knows how many times last winter he had a horrible double ear infection but I didn't take him in because I'm hesitant to go and have them tell me it's viral and I'm paranoid?

That's the news around these parts. Also, I'm not pregnant, thanks for asking. It's pretty amazing to me that I'm not though... we've had unprotected sex TWICE. That is two times as many times as it took to get pregnant with the guy. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Provo City Half Marathon

This was my first half marathon and it went pretty well. I hurt my foot in a race about a month before this one, and so I took it easy at the beginning to make sure my foot was going to be okay. It was and I was able to pick up the pace steadily throughout the race. I started out at around 8 minute miles and by slowly increasing my speed ended at 7 minute miles. The course was a nice run out to Utah Lake and back and the organizers (run13) made it enjoyable with food and a bouncy tent for Theodore. Here's some videos of the finish and post race commentary.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to me

I know it's Father's Day, but we're a little behind. Besides, Tim is one lucky father to have these ridiculously attractive individuals as his family:

Yes, those are our garments on the line. Whatever.

I love this kid.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bleh health care

We got the results back from Theodore's sleep study we did last week, and the results are not looking good. I called the ENT and he told us we'll are going to need to remove his tonsils and adenoids, but not until we figure out if he's going to need tubes in his ears as well. At our last appointment, he has to have confirmed fluid in the ears for 6 months before they decide to do tubes. And because it took us two months to get an appointment with him, the count-down starts from our first appointment, even though the pediatrician has been noting fluid in his ears at least all winter, and probably it was from birth. Rather than speed things up, we are waiting, all the while his speech development is becoming more and more delayed (he only says one word: "ball" at 21 months). It's really frustrating because if we're going to do it, why not JUST DO IT!? Poor kid is pretty miserable, sick all the time (yet another ear infection this week), sleeps horribly because of the sleep apnea, and can't hear correctly! When I called the ENT to ask if we could speed things up, he didn't talk to me, just told the nurse to tell me: "he's the physician and he says so."

I would get a second opinion, but all the clinics take at least two months to get an appointment for a new patient. And we think our health care is SOOOO efficient and SOOOO quick and OH GOD, let's not go to socialized medicine because we'll have to WAIT MONTHS FOR AN APPOINTMENT! Well, newsflash: our system is already inefficient, not cost-effective, AND I'm waiting months for an appointment. At least it's technically free for us. 

The beach!!

All spring I've been complaining about not having access to a beach to play on. My greatest childhood vacation memories are staying at beach houses, slathering on the sunscreen, and spending hours splashing in the waves with my wet, salted hairs blowing in the breeze. I kept telling Tim we just HAD to go to southern California sometime this summer for at least a week so we could play on the beach because I've spent way too many summers without one.

Tim took me to the next best alternative:

We call this "extreme Kindling"

I have no idea this place even EXISTED. There. is. a. beach. in. Salt. Lake!! Like an hour away from where we live! And the water was actually really warm, despite it being a very windy and slightly chilly day. Sure, there's tons of pollution, the water looks a little sketchy, there are biting gnats that attached Theodore's head, and apparently it smells horrible when it gets hot in the summer. But hey, it's close and will be sufficient for my needs. And despite the photos, Theodore loved it.