Monday, April 26, 2010

Trip to the Pyramids

Cairo, Day Two:

Today we went to the Pyramids at Giza. Our tour guide was a short Egyptian woman named Annam and she was absolutely nuts. She told us today was her birthday and her first day on the job, but Tim and I were skeptical. The whole time she was explaining the history of the pyramids, she sounded like she was delivering an anti-Israeli rant. She was really intense and intimidating. Whoever says Muslim women are submissive... needs to meet her.

The pyramids were cool. They are huge. They are old. There are tons of Arab men hawking scarves and postcards. The funniest thing to me is that they will come up to you and try to get you to take a picture with them, then after you take it they will charge you money. We were prepared so we didn't fall for it, but we saw some other tourists doing so. Oh, and another crazy thing is they will offer to take a picture for you and if you don't pay them they won't give you your camera back but will instead threaten to throw it on the ground and break it. Pretty crazy stuff, just wanted to warn all of our readers in case you are hanging out in Giza anytime soon.

On the way back from the pyramids and the Sphinx, our lovely tour bus broke down. It was about 100 degrees, so we kept hydrated and let Amir frolic naked for a while in the back of the bus. Luckily, it was only about an hour before another bus came and picked us up. Just another happening to place a chip on the Cairo Bingo card.

Here's a deluge of pictures to document the trip (they hopefully need no captions):


  1. 1. Those Chacos have been around the block.

    2. Cool baby backpack.

    3. I love the kissing the Sphinx pics. So classic.

  2. So fun! Brings back so many memories. Tim (my husband) and I were in Egypt four years ago during our Jordan study abroad program...we weren't in Cairo more than a few days but I still miss the koshari.

  3. Here's another one for you: I think it was at the pyramids, or else another ancient site. A guy in our tour group paid for a camel/donkey/something-like-that ride and so the guy led him around for a while and then told him he had to pay to get off. He didn't, and the guy followed him back to our bus screaming at him and banged on the bus until the guy got off and gave him more money. It was interesting. Glad you guys got there safely!