Monday, April 26, 2010

Teeth, part three

For now, I'm foregoing a baby blog since the internet is shoddy and I don't want to switch between them to blog. Sorry to bore you with minute happenings in my child's life, but it's my blog, right?

Anywho, Amir is teething. His front two teeth are just barely about to break through, poor little guy. The first night we were here he woke up SCREAMING like I've never heard him scream and I thought he was dying of hepatitis from the street food we fed him. I almost jumped back on a plane the next day. But luckily the next day revealed the issue, complete with loads of drool, so we will stay here for now. Two nights and plenty of baby Motrin later, he's doing just fine but will be better once these teeth show their face. I kind of don't want them to though, because I think once he has them he won't be a cute little baby anymore, but will really look old. I like the vampire look too... I think it's funny to call him Edward:


  1. He's going to be a vampire baby just like you, Cait.

  2. I totally missed the new Amir thing, so I was confused. I will refer to him as Amy. But um... not to be rude, because he is sooo way cute... but rather than "vampire" teeth those things kind of give me more of a "hippopotamus" vibe. Maybe they'll grow in sharp though. Our baby girl got her first tooth out last week. Just one on the bottom (I would have preferred a nice symmetrical thing like Amy has going on for him). Anyway, babies are ornery while toothin'.