Sunday, November 1, 2015


 We had a great time on Halloween. As always, it was kind of a last minute attempt to throw together Halloween costumes for ourselves and the kids, as well as last minute decisions on where to Trick or Treat. Also, the never ending debate over what to do with all this candy. 

A lot of our plans were disrupted, directly or indirectly by flooding.

 There were tornadoes reported in the area, lots of flooding nearby and we all spent some time in the tornado safe areas of home/school. This caused the cancellation of both Atticus's school's Fall Festival as well as the Seminary's Trunk or Treat, which was a bummer, because those were going to be the most kid-exciting portions of the days.

But we did get a family potluck and an adults-only party on Friday, an apartment hallway party, 2.5 hours of Trick-or-Treating and another 1.5 hours of Episcopal Seminary party at night. A great couple of days.

Cait as Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max (which she has never seen, but killed anyway):



Furiosa being maternal²


Me as Jesus (sorry, just had to do it):

And sexy construction worker (didn't have to, but still did):


Abby Wambach Lulah:

Also Kitty-Cat Abby Wambach:

As the tooth fairy, which is really great, because a couple of weeks ago, she was terrified of tooth fairies:

Hipster Harry Potter Atticus:

Some Hallway party pics:

So much excitment:

So much attitude:

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Carolina vacation in photos

This was a pretty epic summer vacation. Probably deserves a few posts. But you get what you get and don't pitch a fit.

The Beach (Fripp Island, South Carolina)

We camped for a day and a half, and then Cait's family+ joined us for a week in a beach house. The water was great, the food fantastic, and the company plentiful.

Eating at our campsite

Snakes in the nature center

Big kids table at dinner

Frequent retreats to read by myself

Some lizard in another nature center

Cait's family's house (Columbia, South Carolina)

Cait purged old memorablia by taking photos and then trashing. How her life could have been different.

So many games of Monopoly. So many.

Lulah at the pool

Firefighter Lulah at the Children's Museum

Giant chess at the Children's Museum. I am obviously dominating the center in this game.

Banana mouth

New Yoda watch

Turtle at the zoo

Petting ponies at the zoo

Lulah and Bear really bonded this trip

Wild Goose Music Festival, Hot Springs, North Carolina

This was a music festival that I got in for free to be part of a seminary student leadership group. We were kind of worn out and not feeling very Christiany, so it wasn't quite as fun as we had hoped, but we still had a really good time.
We made lots of friends

Brian McLaren was one of the few speakers I recognized. Here he is telling fishing stories to the kids.

Kids love fires

And dancing

View on a morning run

Floating in the beautiful river

Stop off at Kaitlyn and Byrd's house, Atlanta, Georgia

On the ride back, we stopped in to see some friends in Atlanta. Really great conversation and drinks.

The End