Friday, February 27, 2015

Our house as it is

We've been slowly making our apartment more home-like, adding things bit by bit and Ikea trip by Ikea trip. We seem to have settled on an arrangement that we like for now, so here is some documentary evidence after we cleaned it for some reason or another.

 Kids room

So bright and gender neutral!

Our bedroom

Kid in a blanket.

The office

Steve Carrell not included. I like the cool tones of this room contrasting with the brightness of the rest of the house. This is also the room all our neighbors get an eyeful of when they walk to school because it pokes out from our house near the main path and I never close the blinds.

The front room.

Come over any time.

Dancing with a sharp pencil is the best kind of dancing, right?

Art station

It's taken a  little time to settle in here, but as the good memories build, this place is becoming more and more like home.