Thursday, April 29, 2010

The new flat

We just got back from signing a contract* (in Arabic) on a flat near the Maadi Club. It was quite the cultural experience. The flat itself is POSH. Everything is pretty much brand-new, there's a "washer" and "dryer" in the bathroom and A/C in every room. Awesome ceiling fans, and the owner is even installing a bidet/diaper sprayer for us. He is going to send his maid over to clean it once a month free of charge. There are huge windows with beautiful curtains, nice new couches and rugs. It's perfect. And we're paying the equivalent of $400 a month. Awesome, huh?

Now that we are through with that, I will have a snack of goat cheese and crackers, wash it down with mango juice, and take a nap. Tim is really under the weather with a sinus infection, so he's already out for a few hours. Tonight we have to go to an orientation at his institute followed by an opening social on the roof.

Egypt is beginning to grow on me. I think I'm going to like it here.

* the most interesting part in the contract: Tim is under commitment to protect the apartment like a "good family father."


  1. I am glad you found such a nice place to live. How big is it? Is it one bedroom? Take care of that cute Amir. Give him a big kiss for me. Don't let him out of your sight!

  2. YAY! glad you got a place! Dang it sounds like you are going to have a awesome time!! Good luck!!

  3. sounds like you guys got a great deal! post pics soon!

  4. Cool pad. Sounds like you are over your sickness. Maybe it was just a virus and not food poisoning.