Saturday, June 4, 2011

The beach!!

All spring I've been complaining about not having access to a beach to play on. My greatest childhood vacation memories are staying at beach houses, slathering on the sunscreen, and spending hours splashing in the waves with my wet, salted hairs blowing in the breeze. I kept telling Tim we just HAD to go to southern California sometime this summer for at least a week so we could play on the beach because I've spent way too many summers without one.

Tim took me to the next best alternative:

We call this "extreme Kindling"

I have no idea this place even EXISTED. There. is. a. beach. in. Salt. Lake!! Like an hour away from where we live! And the water was actually really warm, despite it being a very windy and slightly chilly day. Sure, there's tons of pollution, the water looks a little sketchy, there are biting gnats that attached Theodore's head, and apparently it smells horrible when it gets hot in the summer. But hey, it's close and will be sufficient for my needs. And despite the photos, Theodore loved it.

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