Thursday, July 14, 2011

'Thon Thursday: Ryan Hall

One of my running inspirations lately has been Ryan Hall. He is the American record holder for the half-marthon, the only one to have ever run under an hour in the event on a sanctioned course. He also ran the fastest time ever for an American in the Boston Marathon, taking fourth in 2:04.58. That's a 4:44 minute mile the whole way. I doubt I could run one mile in 4:44 (although I was just a bit faster than that in high school in the mile, but still). It was also the fastest marathon by an American ever, but not a record because Boston is too much of an overall drop for it to be an official record (although it is still a super-tough course from what I hear.

What makes me really relate to Ryan Hall, besides his passion for running, however, is his mixing of sport and religion. I felt like running has always been a really spiritual experience for me. It's something about the combination of solitude and pushing a body to its limits that helps me to touch the divine in some small way, I think. Ryan is a lot more open about this connection than I have been ever, which I appreciate. I can see how such bold assertions as "I feel God running in me" could be off-putting to some, but I find it refreshingly honest. Check out these videos:

What a guy. I don't have a problem with the sport of long distance running being dominated by African runners or Kenyan runners. They need every boost they can get, certainly. But it's great to see someone from around here doing some really great things. It's a big inspiration for sure.


Seven Peaks in the morning, with a little barefoot run there and back. Bike ride to get a nap in in time to go to the doctor, an undisclosed location in Orem, Pirate Island (I won a gift card, the Guy love it, even though he ate nothing), Costco, and then a goodbye party for Celia  where we ate delicious cupcakes and swan in the indoor pool while it rained. Read more about the party here and probably here, in the near future.

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  1. is that at old mill? I love that solarium! So cool.