Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today's Sunday School lesson

The introduction:

Teacher: "Marriage is UNDER FIRE. There are those people who wish to "redefine" marriage as between two people other than a MAN and a WOMAN. Doesn't that bother you?" (nope, actually, not really, in fact, legally and politically I believe any consenting adult should be able to marry another consenting adult.. so I guess I'm one of them)

Comments, comments, comments....

"blah blah blah... other ignorant statements... those "same-sexed-gendered attraction people" are ruining our families and our marriages... "(I don't think that is what they prefer to be called, and how can they possibly ruin YOUR marriage?! They have nothing. to. do. with. YOUR. marriage. People always want a scapegoat for community and moral degradation, and now the Irish and African-Americans are off-limits so the homosexuals it is!)

"I HAVE prayed about it and HAVE a testimony that marriage should only be allowed between a man and a woman..." (well, woo-hoo. good for you)

The rest of the lesson continues on how to have a good marriage:

Comments begin: "My husband and I like to... {insert cheesy suggestion for keeping your marriage happy}"

Yet another: "Dr. Phil says you should... {blah blah blah to not get divorced}"

These utterly slay me: "I think a good way to keep your husband happy is to... {cook for him/clean/do a nice thing for him/let him play golf}"

"I had an MFHD professor that said...."

"Well, IIIIIII'm a Family Life major at BYU, so I know these things to be true..."

"The reason LDS people have better marriages is because we give 100% but those in the WORLD only give 50%, so that's why we are better at being married..."



  1. Oh vomit. Especially the "other people only give 50% to their marriages." Yes, they're really not trying hard enough, THAT is why people are getting divorced.

    Sometimes I'm kind of glad I'm in primary. I'd probably sit there and seethe during lessons like this.

  2. So did you speak up? And did someone really reference Dr. Phil? Wow.

  3. that's ridiculous. especially quoting Dr. Phil? And drawing absurd assumptions that only members of the church give 100% to their marriages? I'm curious as to see where she found her information (other than from Dr. Phil).

  4. Haha, Dr. Phil... people are ridiculous.

  5. It's so funny to say that ignorance is the root of any opinion that is different than yours. It is also funny to say that people who are against same sex marriages are only against them because they can't pick on Irish or African Americans? Statements like that just make you seem ignorant. Which is sad, because I know you're not. I'm confused, are you upset with people who have a testimony that what the church teaches about same-sex marriage is true?

  6. Explain to me how two guys or two girls down the street has any effect on the quality of your marriage and I will begin to believe that the argument "gays are destroying marriage" is not based in ignorance. Ignorance is ignorance no matter who spreads it.

  7. Did I ever say it did interfere with my specific marriage? My reasons for disagreeing with same-sex marriage is because it's against Heavenly Father's plan. We were created for a specific purpose, and same-sex marriage contradicts that purpose. The argument that I am ignorant is ridiculous. It's because I'm informed that I oppose same-sex marriage. What's ignorant is you picking one aspect of an argument that you think you can win instead of looking at the entire picture. It might not affect MY marriage, but it will affect the sanctity and holiness of the covenant of marriage. After living in Boston and New York, I have many gay friends who I love and respect, but that doesn't change the very definition of marriage. Just calling something a marriage doesn't make it so. That being said, I have no problem with civil unions, but by definition, gay people cannot be married, as marriage is between a man and a woman.

  8. If we depend on the states definition of marriage to maintain the "sanctity and holiness" of marriage within the LDS community we are hopelessly lost. I agree that in our understanding of Heavenly Father's plan requires a man and a woman to covenant to reach full glory and so active homosexuality is a sin, but imposing our idea of sin, especially when it is based in a uniquely LDS doctrine, on the rest of the population is extremely anti-American. We hated it in the first part of the century when everyone else imposed their definition of marriage to stop us from practicing polygamy, but now that the glove is on the other hand, we are just as domineering.

  9. The LDS community doesn't depend on the state's definition of marriage- we depend on God's definition. And that's what we fight to protect. We are not domineering by using our democratic right to vote against something we don't agree with. I don't agree with raising taxes, so I vote against it. I don't think anyone who wants to raise taxes is imposing their views on me by voting for what they think is right. I think they are celebrating the democratic process. Maybe I would see your point if the early polygamists wanted to "impose" their views on the rest of the country and make everyone accept and legalize plural marriage, but again, that wasn't Heavenly Father's plan, which is why polygamy was only a commandment (to less than 10% of the members) for a short time. So I'm sorry, I just don't see how voting against something I don't agree with is anti-American. Is the church being anti-American for being pro-life, or not wanting to legalize marijuana? (P.S kudos to Cait on the garden, that's hard work!)

  10. I love reading your blog when you write posts like this. I appreciate all the comments that have been made too. I like to question my beliefs and WHY I believe it. It really makes me think about my personal opinion on the matter.