Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our everyday activity

Something awesome about this summer in Provo: The Pass of All Passes. When I first heard about it, I thought it was way too good to be true (we paid $40 for ours). Well, it wasn't. It's THAT good, and it works, and it's true and everything. There were rumors Seven Peaks would be way too crowded, but it actually hasn't been that bad. We tend to go in the morning when they first open and there are no lines for anything, you just walk right up. Kids can go down most of the slides on their parents' laps. There are two huge kid areas, a lazy river, and a giant wave pool. It's pure summer enjoyment at its finest.

To capture our now-pretty-much-daily activity, we made a great purchase of a waterproof digital camera. I think it takes pretty decent pictures for $140-plus-waterproof and shockproof. Thank you, Costco! (also thank you for the Julie's organic yogurt bars and those tasty/cheap organic animal crackers).

On the lazy river... a favorite activity of Theodore's

Austin and her sister Katie came with us this evening, it was rad

Signing "cat"

Theodore and I at the end of the "Caved In" slide

Learning to swim

Mmmm... what a fine specimen of a husband

Needless to say, life continues to be bliss. Can summer never end!?

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