Monday, July 18, 2011

Sneaky National Institute of Infant Nutrition

We got this document in the mail the other day.

I like questionnaires, so I started to fill it out. I like when people want to know about me, or my baby, so sue me. But, with my highly attuned anti-formula radar, and so after ignorantly filling out the first page and a half, I got suspicious. I "Googled" on the internets and found this article. Oh well, I'm sure someone is really interested in the infant nutrition. Someone.


Got up in time for church. Theo would not sit still once again. He did run back to nursery after we left to wave goodbye to everyone, which was cute. Ate lunch, took naps, had the Lees over for dinner, went on a walk and then struggled for hours to get the guy to bed because we missed his sleep window once again.

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