Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pizza Night

Due to my forgetting to post about the once-in-a-lifetime greatness that was Tallia and Jon's neighborhood block party, I will post about the regular awesomeness that is pizza night. Most every Friday night we head over to their house to eat delicious homemade pizza and other goodies. The quality and originality of the pizzas and ingredients has increased, along with the sides (I didn't snap any pictures of the watermelon with lime, but it was incredible). Here's a glimpse of the awesomeness (and read more about Tallia and Jon's life at their blog):

Cait with her sexy, "Why are you taking a picture of me while eating" look

Atticus did not want much pizza, he wanted an apple

This was my creation, although based on Cait's idea, Ranch/Potato/Egg pizza. It received high praise. I almost put chex mix on top, but resisted.

The Great Chef Jon

Tallia and Jon's daughter finishing others' watermelon

That is Jon, but not Tallia. That is Ashmae. I got no pictures of Tallia. Sorry Tallia.

Atticus got tired.

So we took him inside to play with Pizza Chef Elmo.

And Sesame Street Little People. Check out that pillow.


Playing around the house and cleaning in the morning. Our friends Melissa and Raquel came over along with Melissa's sister Ali and all the kids to play in our Little baby pool and enjoy some nice July weather. Then Cait worked forever to get The Guy to sleep And we relaxed for a bit. Then dinner., the park, yoga and running.

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