Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cait's Garden

Cait has been working hard on her garden this summer and I am very proud of her. I haven't been as supportive as I probably should have been, forgetting to water and not helping to plant as much as I should, so I figured I would try to make up for that a little by praising her here. So far, we have eaten some delicious peas, lettuce and peppers with much more to come. She gets down on herself for not having as much stuff as she would like, but I know that if she sticks with it (and I help out some) she'll become a gardener of an extraordinary kind.


While Cait worked, the Guy and I went to the park, where we saw Eliza of the Robbins fame with her grandma. We played there for a while and then we ran, the guy and I, to his doctor's appointment, during which run he fell asleep. The doctor checked Theo's ears and throat post surgery and everything looked fine. I forgot to ask about another hearing test, but we will probably want one soon. Home for lunch with mom, cleaning and back to North Park, which has more shade for the warmer afternoon. Theo followed another family around the entire time, evidencing how much he loves being with other kids. We biked to meet mom at work, biked home and Cait cooked some delicious Thai food and Casey and Melissa and children joined us for a nice evening meal outside. We put Theo to bed early and watched Precious, which we both really liked. Then to bed.

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