Sunday, July 24, 2011

Road trip 2011:Day 2

After a rough night for all three kids, Theodore of course was up at the crack of dawn while Heber and Eeva slept in a few more hours. We played outside and tried to keep him quiet while the other kids slept, but he was sad until Heber woke up to join in the fun. Ben and Janice made an absolutely delectable breakfast of cherry tart, and even Theodore ate it up.

We played for a while in the great back yard, causing minor destruction.

Eva, the youngest, sat quietly and watched.

Then we hit the road when it was time for the guy's nap. We drove. And drove. And drove. Until we reached Boise, where we made an unfortunate decision to drive in and see the campus of Boise State. It wasn't that unfortunate, just that we didn't know where we were going and ended up driving around a lot. 

We started on our drive again and found a camping spot in Oregon near Baker City. It was a nice spot but a little scary because it was very isolated and not part of a regular campsite. We cooked hot dogs and s'mores and Theo played at the water's edge. 

Cait's first fire:


  1. Those pictures are great! Thanks for stopping by. It was fun to see you.

  2. Sorry to hear you were in Boise w/o stopping by. If you come back this way, give us a holler. (BTW, we're in Meridian just outside of Boise.
    Jamen and Lisa

  3. your road trip ended after two days....i hope you guys make it back alright.