Friday, July 15, 2011

Staying at Home

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It's been three months now. It's been fun staying at home and a nice break from trying to mix being a stay-at-home parent with being a student and sometimes employee. Cait's job is not very time consuming either, so that means I get a lot of time to do my own things like read and run. It also stops me from being a totally legit stay-at-home parent, as Cait still does most of the cooking. I don't mind cooking, but having to think up something to cook every night would be tough for me. Cait is very creative at finding things to eat, even when there is not much around the house.

It's been very interesting being the primary parent. I feel like I bring something different to the table than Cait, but I would have a very hard time deciding which one of us is better at staying at home. I have to admit I seem to enjoy it more.

My strengths as a parent:
Willingness to allow Theo to explore

Cait's strengths:
Creative in finding activities
Very active concern for his health and development
Having lots of stay-at-home friends for play groups (they're my friends too, but it's harder for me to call them up and say "let's hang out" for sure)

So, looking to the future, I think there's a fair chance that this will not be my only experience at stay-at-home parenting. And of that, I am glad.

Hung out around the house, early nap for the Guy, park and Seven Peaks in the afternoon and then Cait let me go to a party for my friend Leland because the Guy had fallen asleep. Then he woke up from 12-3AM after having slept all night long the night before. Oh, the guy.

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