Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Anyone who follows our blog regularly has probably realized that my blogging output has really increased lately. In fact, between me and Cait, we haven't missed a day in over two weeks. This was brought on by Cait taking a hiatus from blogging and me realizing that if I wanted a blog, I would have to do it for a while. After posting for a few days, I realized that I wanted a blog. I've never really blogged on my own much, but this summer, with so much going on and me being the only one to chronicle it, I really got into it for the first time. I've worked to create a queue of blogposts that I schedule to come out later, so I don't have to worry about blogging everyday, leaving me with only the "Yesterday we..." portion that I have to write before a post is published for the day.

I am blogging because I want to remember this summer. It has been AWESOME. And my memory is terrible, so I wont remember it if I don't write about it. Sure, I could just write a personal journal, but the incentive of having other people reading the blog and informing those precious few of our readers who really want to know what is going on in our lives of exactly what is going on in our lives.

Of course, I still write also to get attention. Here's a secret: every blogger wants attention. Every blogger wants comments. But that has really has gone down on the priority list and I am writing about things I want to remember and things that I want my kids to be able to look back on and see for the first time. This includes my thoughts about politics, running and the gospel as well as about what our lives our like on a daily basis. I'm excited to see how long I can keep up this level of writing and hope to maintain the "yesterday we" portion, if nothing else.

Sure, blogging is narcissistic, and it always will be. But so is almost everything we do in our lives. But blogging is mainly about remembering and sharing. And there is much beauty in that.


  1. I know I don't comment often, but I love reading yalls blog. So I enjoy that you keep it up when the other is lacking. Thanks. :) I also find your lives very fun and entertaining to read about.

  2. This is so nice. I am glad you write and share.