Sunday, August 7, 2011

Theo's Montessori Bedroom

I always thought letting my child sleep on a mattress on the floor was lazy parenting...

but, no! I was totally being progressive and Montessori-ish.

Check out: Finnian's Montessori Bedroom.

And moms out there, have a good laugh.

But actually, she is probably having the last laugh because I'm sure her house is still gorgeous and neat. I'm really just jealous because mine is messy and is full of old, rotting DI furniture.


  1. Wow, so granolie. "Finn will use this bed for naps (if he so desires)"... um, my kid naps because I desire. And a potty seat for a newborn. Wow.

  2. I was wondering why you said "have a good laugh" but that is really funny. Obviously her first child. But I like beds on the floor for kids, its way easier.

  3. All I could see were the potential dangers. Is she planning on putting a toddler to sleep alone in that room?