Thursday, August 4, 2011

Road Trip Day 7 Wed

To start, here are some pictures from our Wednesday night/Thursday morning campsite. They are from Wed. night, but that's fine.

Nothing better than playing in the dirt



We drove for a little and then went on another hike. We all went the first half mile, than reached a parking lot, so I ran back and got the car and drove to the end.

Contemplating Eternity. Or the freeway.

 Our next stop took us to Baker City, where we hit the local park, made some friends who were also road tripping (for them to a music festival in Idaho), the local farmers market for fruits and veggies and the local library, where Theo played in the sweet kid's room.

Theo's latest habit: lining things up in rows.

Then after Theo spent time at another favorite hobby, throwing stuff into local rivers, we got back in the car for a lot of driving. I thought camping in Oregon was too far from our destination, but we had a really hard time finding camping in Idaho. We finally broke down and bought a map that guided us to Lucky Lake state park, where we plopped down our stuff in the first campsite we saw and went right to bed.

This was definitely the most "road trippey" of all our days and it seemed to drag forever, but now we were only four hours from my parents house.

Yesterday: Mostly just stuck around the house to rest a slightly sick Theo while Cait worked. We played around the neighborhood for a while after an afternoon run. Then we made an impromptu decision to go camping with our friends Ash Mae and Carl, because we figured this blog doesn't have enough of us camping. More on that in another post. 

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  1. Just wanted to say hi, guys. Looks like you're having a fun summer. Can't believe how big Theo is getting. Next time you should road trip down towards Texas :) We miss you guys!