Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Road Trip 2011 Days 5 and 6


We all slept in a little and so while the Richins were at Church on time, the Carroll-Browning's barely made it in time for the sacrament. Theo, as usual, had to be chased around the church during sacrament meeting, but loved him some nursery, even in a completely new place. Back from church, Cait and Allison whipped up some good pasta and we all worked to tidy up the house for some of Christopher's family that was coming over. And then it was a gradual drift off to sleep.

Monday was our big day attempting to explore Seattle. We had fairly big plans. We were not prepared for the rain, or the weariness of four children walking around. We did make it to the famous Pike's Place Market

and a children's museum in Bellavue (I think). The museum was a lot more fun for the kids, and for us too I guess.

We didn't take a ton of pictures of either place, but I think the idea of a large market and a children museum is pretty familiar.

We debated during the ride home whether to take off that night, or to stay on. We agreed that we were more of a burden than a help in a house already with enough stresses, so we took off to Portland. It was a long drive and we thought about camping once again, but we drove through and found our friend Sofia's house just in time to get ready for bed and conk out.


Yesterday Cait worked AM and PM in Provo. I cleaned the house in the morning while a sick Theo watched shows, colored and read books. Cait came home and we ate pizza and then I took Theo on our first post-marathon run. He napped til almost dinner, than we ate delicious trout, potatoes and broccoli. Then a late evening family night run. Dinner was still sitting to heavy to go far, but at least I got my first 2-run day in a while. 


  1. Thanks for posting some fun pictures. I copied them on my blog.

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