Friday, August 5, 2011

Road Trip Day 8 & 9 Thur & Fri

We woke up after sleeping in a reserved campsite which no one claimed. We were worried that we were going to get in trouble for this, so we were getting ready to take off. Then the camp host came down and was really nice and told us to stay another night. The camp ended up being free, which is awesome for so nice a place, but common for Idaho apparently. So we spent a relaxing morning playing on the dock. I tried to swim for a while, but realized I am still a terrible swimmer, although I did make it all the way to a buoy out in the water. Here are some great photos, and the only ones of the post:

Then it was the drive into Morgan and collapsing that night in exhaustion from way too much driving. The next day (Friday) we played around at my parents house in the morning. Then we left Theo with my parents and went to see Harry Potter 7 which we both liked. We then picked up Theo, went up to Morgan City to pick up my race packet and shirt and then went to my friend Gus's house to see our friends Mario and Wendy and Jake, along with Gus' family. We ate some good pasta and then took off before they started a movie so I could get some sleep.

Marathon report tomorrow!

Woke up from camping. Broke camp and came home (we'll post about this trip fully later). We then stopped at Bahio for food after missing the turn to go to Costa Vida in Spanish Fork (they keep moving that freeway entrance!). The food was terrible and the service worse. What a disappointing restaurant. Cait might blog angrily about that soon. We got home and slept. I went with my friend Westin to a movie, who, although he lives here in Provo, I never see. It was Captain America and it was predictably good. Both that I expected it to be good and also it was predictable, but in a likable way. It had a good retro feel. I still would put Spider Man 2 & 3 and Bale Batman 1 & 2 ahead of it as my favorite Super Hero movies, maybe with some others too. Then we ate whatever we had and went to be early.

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