Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Road Trip 2011 Day 6 (Tue): Portland

I woke up early and went on a run, we ate breakfast and then we drove down to Portland to explore, guided by the recommendations of our friend Sofia, in whose apartment (also belonging to her husband Matt, both famous as the band Canoe). We parked in the institute parking lot, because they don't have classes during the summer. Our first stop was a walk down to Powell's books.

Theo didn't know what he was missing (no, not his arms, the bookstore)

One day this section will be named for Cait

Then we walked to a farmers market downtown, of which Portland apparently has many. Also we went to a cool toy store to calm down a fussy Theo. No, we didn't buy anything, here or in the bookstore or at the farmers market. We did by Theo a corn dog and us some falafel at some roadside stands. Next, I grabbed the car, and guided by our new GPS (which Cait hates but I enjoy) I picked up Cait from the local library, and we met Sofia at a local Mexican restaurant (I don't remember the name) and then we drove up Washington Park where we played on the sweet playground, in the big sandpit  and went to the bathroom in the original home of the first elephant to live in Oregon.

Theo's great sand sculpture. No. It's a statue. That boy to the right had to defend his sand castle from Theo's destroying instincts however.

Our new child. Not. This is Sofia's younger boy (who has a very cool name that will not be shared on this public blog).

Once again, we debated about staying another night, but we decided to head out once again. We found a camping spot not to far out of Portland and went on a hike up the hill. And then went to bed.

Very Sleepy

Yesterday: We had an appointment with a new speech therapist in Orem. Still trying to get the guy to speak. It was early and Theo woke up at 4, so we were all tired. After the appointment, which went fine, we drove back, Theo fell asleep and we all took naps. Then cleaning, lunch and playing around the house, before going to the park before dinner. We had delicious curry for dinner and then I went shopping for food and my birthday/marathon finishing present, an ipod nano, which should be great for the long runs. Home for a late run with the guy and to bed.

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