Saturday, August 20, 2011

Camping trips

Since getting home from our extended camping trip in Seattle/Portland/Idaho, we've camped twice, once with our friends Carl and Ash Mae and once with the ward. The pictures are all from the former, except the last one, which is from the latter.

Ashes are delicious

Bending a stick with muscles

Sure Theo, explore that cave

We ate some delicious tin foil dinners

Carl's family joined us for dinner

All Theo wanted to do was play by the river

Hiking Portrait
While it may look like I'm going to the bathroom, I'm not. I'm just reading Tom Jones.

The one good photo from the ward camping trip, once again, he only has eyes for the river
So basically, we are all camped out. And our tent broke. Twice. So, maybe we will revamp for next year.


Family Seven Peaks trip in the morning. Hanging around the neighborhood in the afternoon. Nursing a sick Cait in the evening. Early bedtime run for the guy.

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