Thursday, July 1, 2010

Motherhood: An Eternal Partnership with God

Lately I've been feeling kind of blah with stay-at-home mommyhood. I love my baby, but I'm not sure I like being a mom. And it's frustrating, because I thought I would love it. It is so much harder than I ever expected, especially now that we are here and have no sort of set schedule and are constantly participating in activities that are not exactly baby-friendly. We have no friends with babies, and although the other wives and students love Amir, it's not the same as going over to a house where there is someone who a) understands you, and b) has toys and a baby-proof apartment. I miss being in a ward with dozens of friends with babies, with regularly scheduled playgroups. I miss hanging out at the park and chatting with other BYU moms and seeing friends from the ward. We miss Camille and Benson, Melissa and AB, Elisse and Reid, Cecilia and Eliza, Lina and Esteia. I'm going to appreciate having mommy friends around SO MUCH when we get back!

Ok ok ok, enough reminiscing about Provo. What brought me to writing this post was watching this video by an apostle in the LDS Church, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland:

I know I'm a new mother and only have one child, and I know it's only going to get so much harder, but I needed to watch this right now in my life. I needed to know and remember what I'm doing raising Amir is important and valued. All the middle of the nights and the frustrating break-downs and the exhaustion and the destruction of friends' personal property -- all totally worth it.

And speaking of missing home, this video is so quintessentially Provo I could cry yet again.


  1. I wish we could come play with you!

    But seriously, motherhood is so. much. easier. when you've got other mommies around. You need commiseration and interaction with other women. It's what makes it fun.

  2. You're doing a great job considering your isolation from other women with children. Pretty soon you'll be back in Provo. Hang in there.

  3. That was a fantastic video. I think I need to watch it everyday as a reminder. While I am not a stay at home mom... someday (nights) are still really hard. I think that it isn't an issue of stay at home or not (although being home all day probably emphasizes the challenges), rather its just that mothering is hard. When I am home with the kids, sometimes I feel so frustrated that there are so many things I want to get done (like the dishes) but can't because the kids need me so much.
    I so wish that I could fly to Egypt and hang out with you for a few weeks. That would be great! Ok maybe flying to Egypt by myself with 2 little ones wouldn't be great at all but visiting you would be.
    Anyway thanks for sharing the video. It is nice to hear that you aren't doing too bad of a job. Hang in there and cook lots of yummy food to eat (at least that makes me feel better)

  4. I saw this article and loved it! Caitlin- I am so excited for you to be home! I I can't wait to talk with you about everything, including motherhood. It IS hard. You are an amazing mother, and I am grateful for your example. We have a party to start planning!

    I love you!