Wednesday, July 7, 2010

10 Months

Atticus is 10 months. And he's turning into an absolutely nuts-o baby. He has the funniest and weirdest little quirks. He loves being out and about, is starting to love the attention he gets from all the Egyptian men, loves swimming still but doesn't really like his baby float, and loves being with his dad.

He talks a lot nowadays, mainly "dadada" whenever Tim comes in the room, or whenever he leaves for that matter. In the mornings when he wakes up, he crawls to the edge of the bed and calls out "dadadadada" until Tim comes to get him. He loves to read books, it almost always calms him down when he is upset or overly tired. We've started giving him nightly "baths" in our... basin... he has some toys that we threw in there and he's in heaven.

He is more mobile than ever and can get into everything as soon as I turn around. The other day I walked in to the room and he had crawled to the end of the bed, hopped off, and proceeded to crawl into the bottom shelf of our wardrobe after he pulled everything out. I was in awe.

He doesn't seem to me to be getting any bigger, though I feel my back is starting to hurt more when I carry him all day in a wrap. I weighed him a few weeks back on a friend's scale and he topped out at a whopping 18 pounds. He loves eating still, though the past few days he's been doing this chew it up and spit it out thing and hasn't eaten much of anything. He loves fresh mango juice and grapes recently.

He occasionally watches Dora the Explorer and the Wonderpets (in Arabic of course) in the mornings while Tim is studying and I'm cleaning up or making breakfast (or sleeping sometimes). Every time we go over to play games or hang out at Jason and Sarah's, we put in The Incredibles in Arabic and he's totally enthralled for at least half an hour. I feel slightly guilty to let him watch TV, but it's not very often or very much and he is so crazy I can't get anything done when he's awake.

Speaking of being awake, we're down to one nap a day, for about an hour and a half. I'm dying. But I still like him and don't plan on giving him to our landlord (who asks every time he comes over).


  1. ahh sorry about the one nap! that stinks! Jackie did that at that age SUKCS! Hope things are going well! We will have to get together when you get back! Atticus and Abby would have fun playing! :). Hope your doing well in Egypt!

  2. Wow, that's a really short nap. Wes is still taking one 3 hour nap each afternoon and I'm not sure what I'm going to do when that goes away!

    Also, it's totally ok to be a tv parent sometimes. Wes LOVES the movie Cars and begs for it every day. I actually feel kind of bad that I only let him watch it a couple times a week but it's nice to be able to shower without him jabbering at me through the glass!

  3. Yah it is miserable when they cut down on naps. My little girl just went from 3 to 2 which means she doesn't nap when I have her in the evenings. . . . I always feel like I can't get anything done and it is so frustrating. Ben is home with the kids during the day and he is getting really good at cleaning up and washing dishes when I am gone. I don't know what my problem is that I can't get anything cleaned.