Thursday, July 1, 2010

If you tell one lie...

it leads to another.

Then you tell two lies... you're really in trouble.

You should ask my sister Lauren to sing that for you one day. It's incredibly adorable.

Lying to a spouse is the topic of this blog post. There's been a situation on hand, with accompanying discussion around these parts lately. FYI, it does not involve us. We are brutally honest with each other actually.

And for us, lying to a spouse is potentially worse than what you're actually lying about. Trust is fundamental to a healthy relationship. It must be maintained. Lying in order to keep the spouse happy or unworried or thinking you are better than you are, even then, not healthy.

But the real discussion around here involves intervening when you know someone else is lying to their spouse. Would you tattle on someone?

According to us, yes. I would want to know if Tim was lying to me. So, naturally, I assume that a person feels the same. But, according to quite a few of our real-live friends, it's absolutely inappropriate to intervene in marital issues. We turn to our blog friends for their opinions:

Would you want to know if your spouse was lying to you? Would you want to hear it from a third party? And would you intervene and tell someone their spouse was lying? Or is it all none of our business?


  1. That is a really really hard situation. I suppose it depends on the severity of the situation. If he was having an affair then yes. Other than that..I dunno.

  2. I agree with the above, it depends on the situation. Affair, yes. If they are really really unhappy and wont admit it to their spouse yes other then that i think we should stay out of it

  3. It does depend on the gravity of the situation and how concrete your evidence is AND how emotionally close you are to the couple. If you are close to one of the two and have a certain animosity to the other, your accusation could be more harmful than helpful. Also I think you should confront the person who is telling the lies so that they have a chance to set things right themselves.

  4. I like The Incredible Weston's comment.

  5. yeah, i think i might talk to the person who was lying first.