Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One Month

Atticus hit the one month mark today. I read all the other mommy blogs that are like "Oh my gosh, my baby isn't a baby and it goes so fast and I can't believe it's been blah blah blah months" and I thought I will SAVOR this while I can. But oh my gosh, it seriously DOES go by so. freaking. fast. It doesn't help that my baby is growing like a weed and isn't a tiny precious newborn anymore.

At one month, Atticus likes:

* Breastfeeding. He devours my nipples when he's hungry. The kid is ravenous.
* His pacifier. He can go to town on that thing.
* Being swaddled. But only when he's really tired.
* Bouncing on the birthing ball with dad.
* Laying on his Boppy. It may be kind of flattened and old and $3, but it works.
* Stretching. He is an awesome stretcher.
* Being held and snuggled. Especially by his mommy.
* Sleeping on his tummy (bad, bad mom I know).
* Burping and farting and pooping. Sweet relief.
* Hanging out in the Moby wrap.
* His Grammy.
* The Innocence Mission.

Atticus dislikes:

* Being cold.
* When I spray the cold diaper wiping solution on his bum.
* Diaper changes, especially when it's cold.
* Waiting five seconds to be fed when he's hungry.
* When Daddy attacks him with kisses. Or squeezes him so hard he can't breathe.
* Being ignored when I'm trying to do homework.

Luckily his likes exceed his dislikes, and the dislikes are rather understandable. We have one sweet and laid-back little baby.


  1. He's a cutie! It's crazy how fast they grow...

  2. I really didn't get the time flying thing until I had a baby. Then I was like, "Wait, no, slow down! I'm trying to savor and remember this but it's going by so quickly!"

    Happy one month, Atticus!

  3. If I have kids they will probably be covered in little pinches and bruise marks, because I want to just squeeeeeze cutie patootie babies when they are so adorable. Is that what daddy is doing to little Atticus? LOL