Saturday, October 24, 2009

All about the diapers

For those (like Lauren) who are curious and/or would like to try out our diapering system, this is what works for us:

Pre-folds: Unbleached Indian cotton. You can buy seconds to save money. (about $12 a dozen, depending on size). You'd want about 2-3 dozen, depending on how often you want to wash.

Covers: I really love my Thirsties covers. They have a new Duo Wrap that comes in two sizes instead of four so you only need to buy twice. Another great option that I personally love are wool covers. They are waterproof, breathable, and so dang cute! Try Woolly Bottoms for some cute recycled wool covers. Or make your own. You need probably 4 covers, we did fine with only one for a few weeks.

Snappi: To secure the diaper. You only need one or two.

Wet bag: We have a Bummis tote that lines our diaper pail. The diaper pail is a little bit of an investment, but the diapers NEVER smell up our tiny apartment and it doesn't even smell on the inside. Even if I leave them in there for a few days before I wash. The carbon filter really does work. The Bummis liner is not as impressive. I'd buy a different liner that's cheaper and can be washed with your diapers. You also need a small wet bag for your diaper bag. I like the Gro Baby one.

Doublers: If you have an older baby, you might want some doublers. The ones with fleece are nice because they keep your baby dry.

Wipes: We bought fancy bamboo wipes, but they work the same as the Gerber baby washcloths you can get for super cheap at any store. Buy a few dozen and just wet them and store them in a wipes warmer.

Detergent: We use Allen's.

Diaper sprayer: We don't have one, but I bet they are nice!

We also have a few BG diapers and Happy Heinys, and they are still a little big on him but we use them every so often when we run out of pre-folds. They are just a more expensive option and we tried to go as cheap as possible.


  1. You especially need two snappies if you live next to little Anabelle and she steals them.

  2. This isn't a diaper comment... but, I'm glad to hear that nothing happened with Atticus. I researched it (even though they told me not to worry) and I know my risk factors are low, but it still makes me nervous. It's comforting to know sometimes the ultrasounds show it and it ends up being just fine :) Here's to keeping our fingers crossed!

  3. Megan got the swine flu and I decided maybe I'll wait until Atlanta to start cloth diapering. One giant box of size 4 diapers... $40.