Friday, September 14, 2012

When Atticus gets the camera

Atticus loves taking pictures. Most of the pictures that he takes, however, get deleted, because somehow, they're not up to our rigorous standards of photography. That stops now (except for stupid iPad screenshots). It's so cute to see him hold the camera and make sure his finger isn't covering up the lens, because that was his major technique problem a few months ago. Just check out how awesome they are:

They get better.

This one is for sure my favorite.

How my face looks 92% of the time

Don't judge us for using WIC. Or the pouty face. Or whatever face that is.

Yesterday (Bringing this back)

Took Atticus to school in the morning. Played many games of "Arthur Goes to the Library." Went to training for staying overnight Monday night with the families hosted by the Road Home. Cait stayed home with kids. I tried to go to my running group's Thursday night run, but passed them on my way in (I was on my bike) and by the time I got parked and ditched my stuff, I couldn't catch up. I would have been on time, but I was lost and forgot my map. I got in a long, long bike ride anyway. Got home, ate some food and we all collapsed. Atticus read himself to sleep, but then got sick over night. Sick day today.

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  1. My favorite is the Lula close-up. The silly Daddy face is good too, since I'm sure Atticus loved it.