Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blog design

It seems that a lot of people might be waiting for further word on my faith crises (especially you, mom, sorry). That will have to come in time, as I am measuring very carefully the posts I am writing about it. In the mean time, I have redesigned our blog. Mirrored on Cait's sister Lauren's blog (which is private) I have slowly moved it toward a more simple design without a lot of clutter along the sides of the posts. Websites are just so cluttered these days. I also added a big picture of the family, because when I get to a new blog, the main thing I want to know is what the people blogging look like. It just makes it hard to imagine the people posts are talking about if there is no whole-family picture, or if the picture is intentionally obscuring of faces. I understand why people want to protect their privacy, but I didn't feel the need, personally. I originally had the picture really big, but that made it hard to see if any new material had been posted without scrolling down, so I shrunk the width of the blogging space. I also renamed the blog "tim & cait & guy & lula" to get everyone included. Also a color design change. We've also taken off all restrictions on comments, and, oddly enough, spam comments have dropped off, at least so far.

I've also, you noticed, picked up the pace of my posting. There are a number of reasons for this, including a desire to be a more thorough blogger, drowning out upsetting faith posts for those upset by them, and trying to reach out to the internet world in a meaningful way.

I know there is nothing more boring to blog about than the logistics of blogging, but I am wondering if any of our loyal readers *resist the urge to talk about how few there are* have any opinions about the design and pace of posts. If they really bugs you, I'll change it just for you, I promise.

Here's a picture of Atticus nursing baby Isaac:


  1. I recently did a "what do you think of my blogging?" post and no one responded, so I got all self-conscious and took it down. Ha! I'm a sissy.

    I like having the blog archive on the side, so I can quickly go back and see posts that I liked, or see if I missed anything.

    The more posts, the merrier, I guess not more than once a day, because then I'll probably miss one. Controversial or not, love them all.

  2. I love all the new posts and pictures, too. Especially that one of Atticus nursing! YES! haha.

    I don't typically mind having links on the side of blogs, but I think you should follow your heart. Sometimes it's fun to read "about me" sections, or have links to more popular posts on the side, but since I've been reading this blog more or less since it's inception that's not really necessary (for my sake, anyway).

    And I really appreciated your faith transition post. That topic has been on my mind a lot lately.

    1. Cait freaked out when she read "Atticus nursing" without knowing that it was about Atticus nursing a doll.

  3. I don't mind increased posting at all. And I like your minimalist design. As long as there's archive access somewhere I'm happy.

    I also really appreciate you posting about your faith. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts about what made you need to walk away.

  4. I like the new design, and, of course, the frequency of posting. I suspected you might have started posting more superficial material to distract from your more intimate posts.

  5. Very minimal. I like it. I got some bad feedback on my last design which included the word "garish." haha! It was actually kinda fun to shake things up a little.