Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our Friends the Bryners

Our good friends the Bryners have settled in Pittsburgh, so it is time to do a tribute post. If I have the story right, Cait and Tallia became friends through this blog, so it seems an appropriate place to celebrate our friendship.

Things we love about the Bryners
1) Their children dress fashionably
2) The parents are more obsessed with vintage kids toys than the kids
3) Jon's sense of humor. It takes some getting used to, but I promise it is worth it. And everything he says is both a joke and a true statement. Hard to pull off.
4) Tallia's look of disbelief every time Jon makes a stupid joke. Also, Tallia doesn't make jokes as often as Jon, but when she does, they are golden.
5) Jon and Tallia's chemistry. Everyone can feel it.
6) Jon and Tallia are both very honest people. That allows for a very honest friendship when you too can be honest without them getting offended all the time.
7) You can never get bored talking to Alice. Maybe you can, but we haven't come close. You also never get tired of squeezing Harrison.
8) Jon is an excellent cook.
9) Tallia is an excellent house keeper.
10) Jon's mom is cooler than your mom.
11) Pizza night.

We are, of course, sad about leaving such a great friendship. I feel like we had hit a really good stride in our friendship. I suppose friendships are like vacations, though. Best to leave them while they are still great rather than when they are just exhausting. You never got exhausting Bryners.


  1. They are also unfailingly generous, thoughtful, and fun! They are the very best people and we miss them like crazy.

  2. Yes, I would add they are awesome gift givers. You don't realize you need little people until you get them from the Bryners and your child becomes obsessed.

  3. Awwwww we love you guys too! And we did hit a good stride, it was sad to leave you...or to have you leave us. I don't think friendship is like a vacation that can get old though, hopefully not at least because we are still planning on labeling live in nannies for your kids while you guys work to support both our families and our little people ha it.