Sunday, September 16, 2012

Atticus' Birthday

The party for Atticus' birthday actually started the night before, as Cait and I worked late into the night to assemble the bed we had bought earlier for the guy. We're probably going to be here, or very nearby, for quite a few years, so we wanted a bed he could grow with the whole time. It's a pretty nifty loft bed that you can flip over and have on the floor with an awning-type thing above. Whatever. It's cool. It was also a pain to put together. It was Ikea, which usually makes things pretty easy to assemble, but there were some crappy design choices that made it tough that I wont go into here.

And then we decided we wanted it in the other room. Thinking we could just take a few parts off to get it through the door, we kept taking part after part off until it was completely disassembled. We got it into the other room, and then realized putting it there was a terrible idea for boring reasons related to ideal furniture layout. So back into the original room we put it back together. Oh well, lessons learned. The guy really likes it and it seems to help him to have a defined sleeping space to fall asleep on his own, which he isn't very good at yet. Here's some pics of the first night's assembly.

Here's the guy enjoying it. We got a better mattress a little later.

The actual birthday consisted of Atticus going to school, where I don't think anyone realized that it was his birthday and he painted this:

Then we played lots of Arthur game. He still has not gotten tired of this at all:

Then lots of fried food for dinner, which he loves. Don't worry, mostly they were organic broccoli patty dinosaurs.

And then Cait made vegan flaxseed cupcakes (more like muffins) for dessert. We might have made him a cake, but we had no butter or eggs.

Atticus tried to share one with Lula when we weren't looking.

Atticus got a package from Grandma Betsey in the mail with some Curious George books and a George doll in homemade pajamas.

In addition to a soccer ball, a small mater car and the new bed, those made up all his birthday presents.

In conclusion, we are terrible at celebrating birthdays at all levels. As long as we're consistently terrible, however, we hope no one will notice.


Late sleeping in for Cait, long nap for Tim, still sick guy. Then I took the kids on a run. They both fell asleep and I went to the library to pick up some movies we had on hold. We played outside for a while, Cait made dinner, I made cookies. Lula went to bed and I played lots of Arthur with Atticus outside, while he hoped some other kids would come play to, but they didn't.


  1. He is so cute on his new bed!

    I like his black IKEA baby. Rachel prefers the black one, too. It makes me proud. Which makes me racist.

  2. Hey, I think that's a great birthday for a 3-year-old. That bed assembly/room moving sounds like us, except Christopher says there's no "we" when he's moving the furniture from room to room. True.

    That's a really cool bed, by the way. The family in our Arlington house that had four little boys in that tiny bedroom upstairs had that same bed, with one kid sleeping on top and a mattress underneath for another kid, like a little cave. Something to consider for Lu when she outgrows her crib.

    Your apartment looks cute.