Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Today, Cait once again had a long day at school after a long night at home with two kids that wouldn't sleep (Lula with her cold and Atticus missing dad, who was at the homeless shelter). Atticus went to school in the morning, just getting over his cold. I went for a run with Lula after dropping him off, and then played with her until it was time to pick Atticus up. Lula was quite sick, so we played inside until mom came home, making a jolly mess. Cait came home and we started making dinner, which was lentil soup. Atticus was trying so hard to help, but he cut himself on a butter knife while cutting potatoes and had to go to the hospital for a few stitches. We all came home exhausted and just tried to get everyone in bed.


  1. I really want to know how he cut himself on a butter knife so I can avoid this scenario. Pray tell?

    1. Honestly, there was not much to it. He was trying to slice a potato and it slipped and sliced. Butter knifes are just deceptively sharp sometime. My sister cut herself with one once slicing an orange, and she was like 10 or 11 at least. We are having a "no metal knife for small children" policy put in place henceforth.

  2. Poor thing when he was just trying to help! I'm sure the emergency room at the end of such a day was probably the worst thing imaginable. Here's to a better tomorrow.

    Also, the sad truth is, sometimes it's easier to cut yourself with a blunt knife than a sharp knife. My daughter is older than Atticus, I think (she's seven). I allow her to cut with a reasonably sharp small knife if she asks me first, but only soft things like peaches and plums.