Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First day of school

Atticus has started preschool. After lots of debate and research (almost all on Cait's part) we decided to go with the preschool that was closest. Although some other programs were more highly touted, this one seems more than sufficient. It is nice, friendly, diverse and has really engaged teachers. It is also close, which will be especially nice in the winter. For now, he is only going two days a week, plus eating lunch with some of the kids after, but he seems to love it so much, that we might have to do more later.

Today we were playing at a park near his preschool and right as we got there, all the preschoolers came to play there too. I don't think that is super standard practice, because they have their own outdoor playground, but Atticus was loving it. He was so sad when they all got to go back to school and he had to stay and dig in the dirt with his lame dad and sister. It was cute.

Here's some pictures from the first day:

I had the beginnings of a bad summer cold. And I have a beard.

You can see Cait in the reflection. The only photographic evidence that she participated in the big day.

He's so proud of himself

All grown up

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