Sunday, September 23, 2012


It's ironic that I wrote a post about how frequently I've been blogging, scheduled it for Saturday, and then didn't blog all week. Oh well. Here's a summary of the last few days:

Long days at school for Cait on Wednesday. Failed playgroup as everyone left right as we got there to avoid the rain. Thursday Atticus had school and Cait and I semi-celebrated our anniversary by leaving Atticus with some of her fellow grad students and going together with Lula to a lecture about violence against women in South Africa.

Friday morning I took Atticus to the library and then we went to a ward campout at night. Little did we know that it had been cancelled and we didn't get the email because we are less active and thus not on many email lists. We had fun cooking hotdogs and eating smores, but decided that the bad weather that cancelled the campout would send us home as well.

Saturday we went to a local Skeptics of Madison potluck, where they had very good food. It was quickly approaching nap-time and it was cold, even in the enclosed park pavilion we were in. So we came home and cleaned and Cait made some delicious chicken tortilla soup, which hit the spot.

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