Monday, September 24, 2012

Anniversary Post

With anniversary posts it is easy to turn them into gushing posts about the spouse, for which you'll have to wait for December 5th. Anniversaries are more about the marriage as a unit rather than as individuals though. So, I am going to use this post to talk about how proud I am of our marriage.

Our marriage has had a challenging year. We've weathered a new baby who now hogs the bed, the end of our life in Provo, two major moves, an extended stint with the in-laws/parents (no offense guys), a three year old gaining some major personality and willpower, Cait beginning grad school, an accompanying transition from sharing equal time away from home to Cait being away much more,  a faith crises, a finnicky car that was hard to trust to get us across the country and Mitt Romney.

After all that, I am happy to report that our marriage is in a great place. We are constantly learning about each other and continuing to grow. FOUR MORE YEARS!

At the age of 4, our marriage enjoys:

Anytime we get to ourselves.
Any stress free time we all get together as a family, which still happens often.
Kindles x2.
Sharing Instapaper articles with each other on our kindles.
Whenever we get to share a bed alone together.
Whenever Atticus goes to sleep easily.
Long walks in the local nature preserve.
Making new friends.
Exploring deep ideas together.
Talking about our future together.

At the age of 4, our marriage doesn't enjoy:

Having left all our friends behind.
Racking doubt about the best course for our lives.
Long times apart.

Here are most of the pictures I could find of us as a couple from the last year, in no particular order.


  1. Love that last pic. Cait is so beautiful.

  2. How is Mitt Romney a challenge for your marriage? Unless one of you supports him...

    I like the pictures.

  3. I like that Dan Nielson and Donna Lee Bowen are such integral parts of our marriage. We need a picture of us with Valerie, too!