Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Blog Stats

2010 was a great year here at I think it was mostly due to the Egyptian adventures keeping our readers' attention... our stats have been pathetic as of late, but I have been awful at blogging this semester. Our life has just become... mundane. But we're happy with it at the moment and I'm sure things will pick up in the new year!

This year, our blog had:

22,138 visits
5,193 unique visitors
1:00 is the average time on site

28.52% was direct traffic
69.33% was from referring sites, the top ten being:

2. Facebook

The top searches that led to our blog were:

1. tim and cait blogspot
2. tim and cait
3. timandcait
4. huraches
5. stuff mom never told you
6. stuff mom never told you podcast
7. mormon mommy blogs and randall and christa's world
8. tim and cait blog
9. cait and tim

(kind of boring...)

but if you go down the list...
11. drinking breast milk
13. neil patrick harris brother
14. circumcision
19. love my kids hate my life
23. i hate my kids (??)

The top posts of 2010 were:

1. I said sexualize on TV
2. My brother-in-law is Neil Patrick Harris
3. Huraches and a return to running
4. Circumcision Revisited
5. This post is about sex

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