Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FHE, Bean Museum

Family Home Evening on Monday night was spent exploring the Monte L. Bean Museum. Theodore loved the animals and even got to touch a boa constrictor.

As soon as we walked into the museum, his eyes lit up and he got this huge grin on his face. And he promptly toddled over the trash can. Of all things?? He grabbed this piece of paper out of the trash and insisted on carrying it around. I think he wanted to do the scavenger hunt that was printed on it.

He loved touching the fur on the animals. I'm not sure the rules of the museum as far as touching goes, but no one seemed to care.

Can you tell something is different about him?! Yep, he's a legit bi-pedaling human being now.

Sorry the pictures are sideways. Can you rotate pictures once they are already uploaded to Blogger?


  1. we were at the bean museum on monday too! but in the afternoon. alice loves it but was scared of the moose on the way in. such a weird and fun place.

  2. If anyone is wondering, Cait and I were also there, not just Theo and his photographers.

  3. Yay for bipeds and museums. Also, I think his hair has grown another inch since Christmas.

  4. Ah, the Bean Museum. How fun! When I went to BYU I worked in the Bean Museum as a custodian at 4am. Seeing it again brings back may memories. What a cute little boy.