Saturday, January 22, 2011

This post is about fashion

Over Christmas break, my mom took me shopping. I bought new clothes (gasp!) after not having any new clothes for approximately 5 years. I really have not had a wardrobe overhaul since high school, and you know what, it feels awesome.

Because no longer am I wearing American Eagle hoodies and very saggy jeans! I have clothes that fit and actually make me look like an adult. I've been inspired by a few very fashionable blogging friends, but mostly Kayla.

My favorite purchases of the spree were two beautiful pairs of skinny jeans from Banana Republic. Skinny jeans are great! They accentuate my already-skinny legs! I think I lost about 12 inches from my thighs by not wearing baggy jeans. They are flattering and incredibly comfortable, and I can't believe I've waited so long to wear expensive jeans. And what's better... they weren't expensive. One pair was like $15, and the other was around $20. Thanks, post-Christmas super sales. I also got this great wool sweater/jacket thing for a great price at some department store. I love that it's 100% wool, it's comfy and I think it looks really nice. Here was my first work outfit post-Christmas shopping spree (I even accessorized !!):

Jeans- Banana Republic; Shirt- Urban Outfitters; Scarf- Egyptian street vendor; Sweater- Department Store.

Not the best picture. I was playing around with iPhoto and couldn't figure out how to revert to the last saved picture so the colors are all funky.

Next up on the purchase agenda: awesome boots to wear with my skinny jeans. Still searching for the perfect pair.

On my next fashion blogging attempt: Tim's vintage Swedish Army wool pea coat.


  1. Skinny jeans were such a revelation to me. I love your scarf too, by the way. How awesome that you have stuff from Egypt!

  2. erm the way u looking great!!

  3. LOVE! You look fabulus girl! i definitely need a closet overhaul as well... thanks for inspiring!