Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Huraches and a return to running

I haven't run consistently since two summers ago, although I have run on and off since. I feel the stirrings of my inner runner have been increasing lately as I try to bring balance back to my life among lots of school and trying to be a father. I was planning a series of runs working up to a marathon this year, but that was before we decided to got to Egypt this summer, so I am trying to reformulate those plans.

Whatever happens, though, I feel a much greater desire to run than I have for a while. My neighbor Casey shared the book "Born to Run" which talks about a tribe of super runners down in Mexico who have running as a central tenant of their society and how their connection with a very natural style of running allows them to find joy in the effort of a daily long run.

I really liked the book and it helped to stir my inner runner even more. I helped Casey make some Huraches for me. Casey has become an expert in Huraches which are the sandals made out of tires that the Tarumara, the tribe in Mexico, use to run. I haven't really jogged in mine yet, because I'm still getting used to just walking in them, but I hope to be comfortable enough in them to run with and walk around everywhere with them in Egypt.

Here's what they look like, off the feet:

On the feet:

Standing up (Cait says this leg stance looks gay. That's okay)

PS. If there is anyone in the greater Provo area that would like to go with me on a run or runs, let me know, no matter how fast or slow you wish to go.

UPDATE: Actually just got back from my first real run in Huraches. It felt just fine. Because there's no cushioning they forced me to run on the middle and front of my foot more than the heel, which is how we run most efficiently. The wind and having been sick slowed me down a lot more than getting used to the Huraches. I do need to trim them down some to reduce slapping noises when they hit the ground.



  1. The man who wrote that book was on the Daily Show, (or was it the Colbert Report? I forget) and he talked about how he was having all these problems with pain while he was running, and everyone kept telling him to get increasingly expensive running shoes. Then he learned about this tribe, tried the barefoot an the Huraches and bam! no more problems! It's like human bodies are made to walk and run without having to buy expensive shoes and whatnot. Amazing!

  2. Did you buy running shoes with the money I gave you for Christmas?