Friday, March 26, 2010

No, I'm not going to kill our baby

This morning I was feeling very bleh. We were (and by we, I mean me) up all night with a shrieking little baby, and I was exhausted this morning. He continued to shriek all morning after I got out of bed. I was feeling pretty frustrated even though I had only been out of bed for approximately 15 minutes. I made some passing comments about how some moms get postpartum psychosis and kill their children, and I wondered aloud if that could ever happen to me. Being slightly prone to depression and anxiety disorders already, I know that I have an elevated risk of postpartum depression/psychosis. Scary.

I think I freaked Tim out, because the next thing I knew he had put on the Sleepy Wrap to take The Guy to class with him. I assured him that I would not kill our baby today. He still looked pretty worried as he left for school.

It's 12:34, and we are both still alive and well thanks to a long morning nap.

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