Saturday, March 13, 2010

Car seats in Egypt?

I need a little insight from fellow parents. Especially fellow parents who travel. We are wondering what to do about taking our car seat to Egypt. It seems like we won't be traveling by car much, if at all. Not to mention, Tim's Arabic professor told us that the taxis/buses don't even have seat belts so we wouldn't have anything to strap the car seat in with anyways. That makes me really nervous though, because they also told us that the taxi drivers were crazy/smoking hashish and went really fast. So, what are we supposed to do?! I can't imagine not buckling our seat belts let alone letting Atticus just sit in our laps. But on the other hand, if it truly won't be useful to us, is it worth it to lug it all the way to Egypt? We already got rid of our infant seat so all we have now is a huge Evenflo convertible seat. We can take two suitcases each, which is a lot, but they also want us to pack light since we're hauling everything through the Sinai/Israel/Jordan for the last three weeks.

Also-- anyone ever flown for a whole 24 hours with an 8-month-old? Insight there would also be appreciated. We're lucky in that we only have one short layover in NYC on the way over, but that also makes for a LONG NYC-Cairo trip. I'm just picturing an inconsolably screaming baby for ten hours. Not likely, of course, but scary nonetheless. Atticus is super good at falling asleep wherever, he usually needs help from us but noise and light and people around generally don't bother him as long as we give him the pacifier and rock/bounce/nurse him (good thing we didn't BabyWise him, the last thing we need is for him to fall asleep by himself in a quiet room) .


  1. Plane rides with a baby... Bring a few toys that he has never seen or played with before. Wrap them up, and let him unwrap a new small toy periodically through out the flight.

    Bring a good supply of baby food and snacks that you know he will enjoy eating. Airlines are usually pretty good about letting you bring baby food on planes, but they will probably test a jar or two at security.

    Bring some stickers. Even at eight months they are sure to be entertaining!

    When he's not sleeping, eating, or playing, walk the plan!

    Good luck!

  2. The car seat thing sounds scary. I'm sure you could fine a mom on the internet to ask. Try her:

  3. that does seem scary!! i hope you can find some answers!

    plan rides with kids are not too bad granted i have never done more then 2 hours but just bring stuff to keep him busy toys food and of course you! I am sure he will do great he is such a happy little baby

  4. what about something like this..

    then atleast he is secured to you in the even of an accident and won't fly out of the car (unless you do)