Friday, November 13, 2009

Two month check-up

Today I woke up earlier than I have since the baby came-- 8 am! I forgot how nice mornings are, I feel like I've accomplished so much and it's only noon. This is usually the time I would be waking up. I'm sure in a few hours I'll be feeling the fact I woke up so early, but maybe today is the start of a new schedule. We'll see.

We woke up that early because Atticus had his two month well-baby check-up. I kind of think the idea of going to the doctor every month when you're not even sick is kind of pointless, but it's free and Medicaid sends us reminders in the mail that we need to go. I know he's healthy, and if I have questions it's pretty easy to google some answers. We did get a diagnosis of eczema and some samples for washing him instead of using Johnson's since it's super-frangrancey and that irritates eczema. And he got his first vaccine--the Hib. Meningitis freaks me out more than other things, so we decided this for the first one (my doctor also said this is the one where kids are actually exposed to it here in Utah pretty frequently; he gets about 30 cases a year). We're doing his vaccines one at a time, delaying some and forgoing others. We aren't doing the rotavirus or the varicella. We're delaying the Hepatitis, Polio, MMR, and DTAP vaccines until we decide to the leave the country. We're getting the PCV in a month's time. Since he's pretty much a stay-at-home baby, breastfeeding, and isn't in daycare or anything, I feel pretty confident at this point that he doesn't need all those shots. I'm trying to read up a lot and make informed decisions about all of this, and I think I'm doing an OK job. Hopefully we'll keep him healthy and avoid unnecessary medical interventions.

2-month stats:

Weight: 11.16 lbs (in the 28th percentile)
Height: 22 inches (10th percentile)


  1. He's smaller than I thought. A Carroll baby, for sure.

    Ask Mom about Miranda and Steve Dryden (in the hospital right now) and maybe you'll change your mind about the chicken pox vaccine.

    And I'd rethink forgoing rotavirus, too. It's bad.

  2. oh hes little! and SO CUTE! I am excited to meet him! I am excited to see what Abby weighs i think this girl has put on some serious weight! I am with them on chicken pox i had a niece in the hospital for a week because of it! it got scary!