Sunday, November 1, 2009

One very proud person

Can I just say that I am super impressed by Cait and her abilities as a mother? She is so devoted and so committed to making life as good as possible for our little boy. I imagine that some people might have been worried that her feminism and her life as a mother might contradict each other, but as I had always suspected, they only serve to compliment each other. She has actively decided that her belief in her ability to change the world is best expressed in working to raise up our son to be a good, kind, intelligent person.

I mean, she learned how to sew just so she could make him some super cool pants.

Of course, she hasn't given up being the awesome person that she always was, visiting with friends and taking our boy out on the town with her, always taking super good care of him.

I love how focused she has become and how fully she has thrown herself into the life of our son. This is probably overly theological, but it is not hard to imagine Cait as something eternally divine when she makes such heroic efforts to become the type of mother you could build a world with.


  1. Oh my gosh! I'm going to cry!

    You two are my favorite married couple ever.

  2. She made ME pants too!! Well, they are for Eliza but we love them! You're right- Cait is the best :)