Monday, November 23, 2009

Random thoughts

Atticus continues to grow and amaze us. He is still pretty mellow, but has also found his voice and likes to use it when he's tired or hungry. All it usually takes to calm him down is a little milk and some time on the bouncey ball (with a blanket over his head... it helps him fall asleep, weird). His personality is really starting to shine through, and he loves more than anything just sitting and talking. In the mornings particularly, we can just lay in bed and talk and he just smiles and coos and oh. my. goodness. It's cute.

He wore his first pair of jeans to church on Sunday. Part of me is morally opposed to putting new babies in jeans (because come on, if you could wear fleece footie pj's all day, would you not?) but the other part of me thinks he is just adorable in them.

Forthcoming: the pacifier trick.


  1. Oh he is so beautiful! (But you already knew that :) ).

  2. i love his outfit! he is adorable. i love laying in bed with Parker in the mornings too. thats when he is so happy and coos and laughs, i love it.