Sunday, November 15, 2009

The ultimate carseat showdown

Buying a carseat should not be nearly as difficult as I am making it. I am incredibly indecisive, and I've been researching for hours to find the perfect seat for us (and our budget!) I've narrowed it down to three, but cannot decide. I know we'll be using this for six years, if we have no wreck until then. I want a seat that is small enough for our backseat of the tiny Honda Civic we drive and to lug to other countries but safe and comfy as well. I don't particularly care about high weight limits since my baby is pretty small and I don't imagine he'll be hitting 40 lbs before we have another baby, when I plan on skipping the infant seat and just passing down the carseat and buying a new one for Atticus. The three I like:

1. The Combi Coccoro: This one is my favorite and the one I'm leaning towards. It's a niche seat, very compact and really adorable. The weight limits are pretty standard, 33 lbs rear-facing and 40 lbs forward-facing. I like that it has an infant insert for a baby, since Atticus is still pretty tiny. It gets really good reviews, but some say the fabric snags easily and gets dingy. I like the colors but wish they were a little darker. I found it for $164 on Amazon.

2. The Britax Roundabout: There are really no cool perks to this seat like the Coccoro, but it's solid, safe, and easy to use. I found a cool print for $159.99 at Traveling Tikes.

3. The Maxi-Cosi Priori: Mostly this one just looks cool, but I've heard it's a great seat. I like that it reclines with the push of a button. And I found it for the cheapest: $133 on Ebay.


  1. The first one is really cool looking. But the color will get dirty. But it seems really cool. It looks almost like an infant seat for a bigger kid. The darker colors will hide stains. Britax are solid. But kinda overpriced... you pay for the name! It looks most like our car seat for Hayd and we like it. Oh and you can always buy an infant insert. I like kiddopotamus makes one that looks nice.

  2. dude i had two car seats and threw one away when we was the infant only rear facing kind but i wish i had known and i would have given it to you!! I like the them but really i love the ones that go in and out of the car....i hated it when Jackie grew out of that one...have you looked at the wal mart cosco one it has great reviews on consumer reports and every where else. Thats what Jackie uses now it goes both ways and is only $40 :)

  3. Car seats are a never ending battle for us. WHY must they be so difficult??

  4. The first one just looks so cool.

  5. I guess I had it easy. Bryan`s brother and his wife bought a new infant seat for their last child, and then we bought it from them half price when she turned one. Have you looked at graco, evenflo, and chicco? I think I read on Shay`s website that she is pretty fond of Britax. Go look at the carseat reviews on there if you haven`t yet.